Amongst rising anxieties about AI and the blurring line that differentiates us from them, 家電是家人 (Machines to Love) pauses, takes a breath and champions the already existing appliances and electronics in our lives. Besides the developing tech practices in post-capitalism, can we Love the person who blows wind in our bedrooms when it's hot out? Or the person who keeps our produce fresh? What about the nice people who wash and dry our clothes? What does that Love feel like? Full statement.

Do you know who your dishwasher is?

Write a Letter

Ah. Trotting through a life with those who make it easy for you. I think it might be time to send a bit of gratitude back to them. Let's sit and write together.


You talk too much. Come, sit and close your eyes.

Worse than forgetting their birthday is forgetting them altogether...Hey! Let's brainstorm together.

A moment in stillness

Hotline Webring

Thank You! you scrolled so much. do your fingers ache?

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rice cooker
washing machine
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